Gris Bag Custom Personalized

The term Gris has a couple of beginnings. Some think it originates from words juju for the west African word for a proclivity or spiritual things, you for the french “doll” or “toy”. Grow group after that originated from this then gris gris, the french word for the grey definition to produce an equilibrium in between light and also dark to get, preserve, as well as control results.

Your gris bag will certainly be developed for whatever your need, or trouble to fix, might be.

Active ingredients could consist of any kind of or all; seeds, nuts, natural herbs, origins, blossoms, beans, coins, beauties, rocks, steels, grains, plumes, dust, bones, sticks, salts, curios, sea coverings, teeth, wax, nails, materials, hair, claws, sigils/valves or images amongst several various other all-natural curious and also active ingredients. The active ingredients will certainly match the objective you define. It will certainly load complete, billed, as well as prepared to function!

I do not suggest you open my gris gris. They are made to be equally as they are, yet if you really feel should contribute to it I will certainly not discourage you from doing so. Simply keep in mind, there have to constantly be a weird variety of components.

Usual options for gris gris;

  • lawful aid
  • connection issues
  • household issues
  • uncrossing/unhexing
  • defense
  • success
  • health and wellness
  • work
  • tourist attraction
  • spiritual advice

This gris are concerning 6 inches high depending on the dimension you desire. They are all produced with Spanish moss as one of the ingredients some of this will certainly damage off throughout delivery as it is completely dry and also fragile, so please comprehend this.


Customer comments; “Beautiful Gris Gris. I have actually placed it in my shower room beside my mirror to ensure that it advises me every single time I search in the mirror and also quits me from coming down on myself.”